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POS Plans

Point of Service Plans

  • A POS plan is often called an HMO/PPO hybrid or an "open-ended" HMO. The reason it's called "point of service" is that members choose which option - HMO or PPO - they will use each time they seek health care.
  • Like an HMO and a PPO, a POS plan has a contracted network provider.
  • POS plans encourage, but don't require, members to choose a primary care physician (PCP). As in a traditional HMO, the PCP acts as a "gatekeeper" when making referrals. Members who choose not to use thier PCPs for referrals (but still seek care from an in-network provider) still receive benefits but will pay higher copays and/or deductibles than memebrs who use their PCPs/
  • POS members also may opt to visit and out-of-network provider at their discretion. If so, a memebr copays, and coinsurance and deductibles are subsequently higher.
  • POS plans are becoming more popular because they offer more flexibility and freedom of choice that standard HMOs.

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