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Anesthesia Services

Dear Healthcare Leader,

Maintaining a cost effective and efficient operating room suite is a logistical problem which has become more difficult as reimbursements have decreased.

Complicating the problem is the fact your physicians now work in their offices, as well as in various surgical centers and hospitals. Any delay in moving from one place to another may result in a backup in your operating room. This creates a snowball effect, resulting in further delays in your holding area, operating room, and recovery room.

As you know, your hospital walks a very fine line between cost effectiveness and maintaining profitability.

Over the years, Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. has greatly increased the anesthetics at our surgery centers. And our hospitals have significantly increased their productivity - while keeping costs under control.

Anesthesia Services is comprised of an experienced talented group of anesthesiologists who maintain the highest of standards. Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. will help you negotiate this fine line, by balancing efficiency and productivity.

Recently, when the CFO of one healthcare system found his facility's peri-operative area was running well over budget, PAA was called in to analyze their operating room usage and make recommendations. In a short period of time, Anesthesia Services instituted a plan which significantly reduced overtime, resulting in substantial savings. Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. can achieve similar results in hospitals and in ambulatory surgical centers - with high risk trauma patients or routine elective patients.

Our goal is to place the patient first, treat the patient as family, while maintaining a well run cost efficient peri-operative suite. Our track record shows that we have increased operating room efficiency while increasing the operating room caseload.

Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. , Department of Anesthesia Services would like to meet with you to discuss providing your facility with our level of management.

Our hospitals have significantly increased their productivity - while keeping costs under control.

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