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Inpatient Hospital Setting

Anesthesia Services for Hospital Settings

Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. believes in “a partnership in healthcare.” As a physician-based group with one of the lowest CRNA-to-physician ratios in the country, our affiliated partnerships focus on providing the highest quality of care to surgical patients. Working together, we have established a reputation for exceptional anesthesia services.

All Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. physicians are either board eligible or board certified.

Having completed residency and fellowship training in many of the nation’s leading university hospitals, our anesthesiologists posses superior knowledge, expertise and experience.

All have had the opportunities to work with some of the forerunners of their diverse medical specialties. Since Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. encourages our physicians to conduct research, lecture and publish in their areas of expertise, we have a remarkably low turnover in our medical staff.

In addition to establishing partnerships with existing anesthesia groups, we actively recruit highly credentialed anesthesiologists from around the country. These physicians give us the flexibility to accommodate the coverage needs of our affiliated facilities. Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. will provide each facility with a consistent anesthesia team, matching the needs and personalities of the surgeons with those of our anesthesia personnel.

Since each medical specialty requires distinctive and exact anesthesia, Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. engages physicians with specialty training. For example, all of our pediatric anesthesiologists have completed fellowships in pediatric anesthesia.

As a result of the level of their expertise, our anesthesiologists are able to perform more complex cases in the ambulatory surgery setting. This includes our ability to incorporate intricate procedures such as ACL joints and the more difficult pediatric cases at the same day surgical level, while providing the appropriate standards of patient care.

Several of our anesthesiologists have been instrumental in introducing surgeons to innovative ways to streamline their surgeries. For example, while the “clear cornea” protocol for cataract surgery has been available to eye surgeons for several years, most anesthesiologists had not been providing the appropriate anesthesia to allow surgeons to properly utilize this technique. However, once the surgeons at Wills Eye Hospital began working exclusively with our affiliated anesthesiologists, the surgeons have been able to utilize the “clear cornea” protocol extensively. This professional collaboration significantly reduced the trauma to patients’ eyes. It also resulted in a remarkable in turn-around time to only five minutes between cases.

There are many other reasons for you to partner with Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. for your hospital’s anesthesia needs:

  • We strive to maintain a quality staff of the finest credentialed board certified and board eligible physicians.
  • Our anesthesiologists’ specialized training will allow more invasive cases to be done at your facility, with less worry to your surgeons.
  • Our anesthesiologists will solicit new sources of surgical referrals and pain management cases, which will generate additional income for your bottom line.

With our team, your facility can achieve economic growth, while assuring the highest quality of services for your patients.

A partnership with Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. will enable your surgeons to perform a greater number of procedures while maintaining the highest patient safety standards. Working together, we can help your facility achieve economic growth.

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