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Obstetrical Anesthesia Services

Obstetrical Anesthesia Services

The mission of Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. obstetrical anesthesia service is to afford women the opportunity to experience childbirth in a comfortable and safe environment.

Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. establishes partnerships with existing anesthesia groups and actively recruits highly credentialed pediatric anesthesiologists from around the country. This gives us the flexibility to accommodate the varying coverage needs of our affiliated hospitals.

We provide each affiliated hospital a consistent obstetrical anesthesia team, with a low physician-to-CRNA ratio. Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. will work hard to match the needs and personalities of your obstetricians with those of our anesthesia personnel.

Affording women the opportunity to experience childbirth in a comfortable and safe environment.

Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. carefully screens and recruits prospective candidates who are committed to providing the best obstetrical anesthesia services possible. Our obstetrical anesthesia care providers have trained and worked in some of the most prestigious learning institutions throughout the country. Our anesthesiologists are either board eligible or board certified and they have completed fellowships in obstetric anesthesia.

Our obstetrical anesthesia team will provide outstanding care in all situations, including preoperative anesthesia and medical consultation, prescription of analgesia for labor and delivery, in vitro fertilization procedures, placement and removal of cerclage and tubal ligation.
Recognizing that expectant mothers have needs, our obstetrical anesthesia team strives to make childbirth as safe and easy as possible. Since we support a minimum of two anesthesia providers in each obstetrical suite 24/7, our patients and their obstetricians enjoy the comfort of knowing that our providers are both prepared and available at all times.
Our staffing is sufficient to handle emergencies that require immediate intervention to maintain the vital functions of both mother and baby. Such emergencies include maternal instability during labor, retained placenta, peripartum hemorrhage and fluid resuscitation, emergent operative delivery, pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and neonatal resuscitation.
With Premier Medical Alliance, P.A. as your partner, your hospital can assure your patients the highest quality of care.

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